Jenya D Is Sex Kitten With a Whip

September 17, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Jenya D | Post A Comment

Naughty dark-haired vixen Jenya D is ready to take charge. She stands naked and proud, unafraid to allow her whole body to be seen and enjoyed. But she holds a riding crop in her hands, conveying the message that she means business.

This is not a woman to be trifled with. She is smart, sexy, ready to tease and take charge and anyone who doesn’t take her seriously could be in big trouble. Everything about her beautiful body tempts you to touch her, but this sensual lady means business. You better make sure you have her permission before doing anything but gazing at her with wonder.

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Emma A is a Blonde Beach Beauty

September 13, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Emma A | Post A Comment

Gorgeous blonde Emma A is enjoying her time at the beach, perching on craggy rocks. The view from there is stunning, but not as stunning as the view of Miss Emma herself. You can’t help but wonder how someone with skin as soft and unblemished as hers could be comfortable sitting naked upon the rocks, but somehow she manages to make it work.

Her natural golden curves are as fluid as the ocean itself. Her beautiful breasts ache for hands to touch them and her sweet body begs you to hold her close against her, keeping her warm, safe, and protected. She is sexy and innocent and completely desirable.

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Elle D and Helen H Enjoy Girl Time Gettaway

September 9, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Elle D, Helen H | Post A Comment

Elle D and Helen H are two luscious and gorgeous brunettes enjoying some tropical fun in the sun. They embrace and caress, their slender bodies covered only by scarfs tied around their hips. The sensuality between them is palpable.

They touch each other with so much care and desire, and their caring for each other shows on their faces. They hold each other with joy and pleasure, you wish you could reach through the picture and be a part of it yourself. For now, though, you’ll have to be satisfied with enjoying the view as they fondle and cavort in their island paradise just for you.

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Elisa A Is a Touch of Class

September 5, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Elisa A | Post A Comment

Some women are just special. With a smile as bright as the sun, set off by adorable dimples, Elisa A is one of them. Her hair is pinned up beautifully and she is stunning in classy lingerie. She looks down demurely as she smiles for the camera, her lovely body mostly bare for your gazing enjoyment. When she stands proudly, you see how incredible her curves really are.

This is the kind of woman most men dream about – but so few ever find. She is eye candy to the nth degree, and you can see by her delighted smile that she loves being adored, worshiped, and devoured by your eyes.

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Divina A Makes a Fetching Water Nymph

September 1, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Divina A | Post A Comment

Sultry, sweet, and beautiful – these words all describe the lovely Divina A. She is pure enchantment as she stands naked on the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze on her soft and fair skin. Her wavy brunette hair surrounds her beguiling face in soft curls and her smile is the type that melts the heart.

Everything about her body is delicious, from her delectable natural breasts down to her firm ass and long legs. When she kneels by the water, there is no way to avoid the naughty thoughts that come to mind. A woman like this makes you want to get up to all kinds of mischief.

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Katya AC Is a Golden Goddess in Flowers

August 28, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Katya AC | Post A Comment

When you see Katya AC kneeling naked in a garden of wildflowers, a wreath of yellow blossoms on her head, it is suddenly easy to imagine a day when men would line up to worship a lovely goddess woman like her. She is perfection and grace of the most natural variety. There is nothing artificial when you look at Katya, just her untainted beauty shining through.

Katya looks like she could be the first woman on the planet – the woman who brought life to us all. Katya is the ultimate seductress and any man would be in a helpless state of nirvana if she held him in her long, supple arms.

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Hannah E Is a Natural Angel in Orange

August 23, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Hannah E | Post A Comment

When you first get a glimpse of this lovely lady, you can’t quite believe that Hannah E is real. The softness of her skin seems to glow through the picture. Her long dark hair flows over her shoulders with careless sensuality. Her smoldering eyes gaze promises into yours.

Her sweet breasts tempt you to touch them and your body aches to feel her long legs wrapped around you. She is a nature goddess in draped seductively in sheer orange fabric and looking away from her stunning sexy beauty is simply not an option. You have been captured. Resistance is futile.

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Gisele A is Bathing Beauty in Purple Stockings

August 19, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Gisele A | Post A Comment

When you are looking for a blonde bombshell to dream about, look no further than Gisele A. This sweet and juicy beauty is ready to tease you and she knows just how to do it. Sliding her panties off, she allows you just a tiny glimpse of the wonderland between her legs. She feels sexy and tingly when she has the chance to show off her luscious body, and she shows it off well.

Gisele is limber and graceful and when she poses for you, you see how perfectly sculpted she is. Enjoy the view. Her loveliness will stay in your memory banks forever.

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Evilina A Isn’t Really Evil at All

August 15, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Evilina A | Post A Comment

Poor Evilina A Everyone thinks that because of her name, she must be some sort of evil temptress. Her drop-dead sexy beauty only adds to this image because she is, indeed, a wonderful temptress. But there is nothing evil in her intent.

Evilina is all about the love and happiness. She knows that when she shares her beautiful body with others, it makes them happy. It is Evilina’s way of sharing the love. She enjoys knowing that she can make others smile with her long and lustrous curls, lovely breasts, taut nipples, slender waist and so much more. Beauty like this should be illegal but lucky for us, it isn’t.

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Belinda A is a Fiery Vixen in Red

August 11, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Belinda A | Post A Comment

When you see a woman this beautiful, it’s impossible to look away. Belinda A is petite, gorgeous, and her long brunette hair seems to beg you to run your fingers through it. With thigh high red stockings and sweet little red panties, she teases and tempts you with every seductive move.

Once the panties are off, allowing you to gaze at all her delicate assets, it’s difficult to believe she is real. A woman like this seems more than a mere mortal. She looks gentle and tender, but with a steel spine that would force you to always respect her, no matter what.

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Beatrice C and Vanda B are Poetry in Motion

August 7, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Beatrice C, Vanda B | Post A Comment

One beautiful naked woman is stunning enough, but when you have two of them together, it multiplies dramatically. Beatrice C and Vanda B are completely mesmerizing as they pose naked together. These two luscious brunette babes hold and caress each other, their tenderness strongly apparent.

Each woman is achingly sexy in her own right, but together, their sweet sensuality lights up the room, bringing tingles of electricity to anyone in their vicinity. Women this gorgeous are truly works of art and when these two beauties get together, clad only in lovely beaded necklaces, they are poetry in motion – graceful and fluid and amazing to watch.

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Anika A is an All-Natural Girl

August 3, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Anika A | Post A Comment

In the world of girls who all feel the need to enhance their bodies or shave every last inch, Anika A is a unique beauty who is happy to show off her sweet, small, completely natural breasts and a sweet little pussy covered gently in soft hair. Her long golden brown hair is just another beautiful feature that is completely without artificial enhancements.

When you look at Anika A, you know that what you see is what you get, and that confidence in who she is lends her a sexual energy that takes the breath away. She offers her beautiful body to you, but treat it gently and respectfully. A woman like this deserves no less.

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Bridgit A Is Sexy Farm Girl Perfection

July 29, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Bridgit A | Post A Comment

People say that farm gals have all the fun and if your next door neighbor’s daughter is Bridgit A, that just might be true. If some lucky farm boy just happened to come across this petite beauty hiding among the sunflowers, he’d probably be stunned speechless. Once she started taking her clothes off, he’d be helpless to do anything but watch the graceful beauty as she shows off her lovely curves and delicate features.

She is a nature nymph – her allure is in the mystery of her naturalness. She is as delicate as the lily, yet as strong as the sunflowers around her. You don’t get sexier than that!

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Barbara D is Beautiful Blonde Belle

July 25, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Barbara D | Post A Comment

Sweet and slender, wearing a silky flowered dress, Barbara D is the girl next door type that you want to peek through your bedroom window at after dark. When she slips out of her dress, allowing you the view of her lovely breasts, slim waist, and all her other lovely assets, it makes it a little hard to breathe.

This much sexiness in one long-legged blonde package is almost more than most mortal men can handle. Her long hair flowing around her shoulders, Barbara manages to look innocent, classic, and drop-dead hot all at the same time. That takes a lot of talent!

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Night A – A Stunning Beauty Both Day and Night

July 21, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Night A | Post A Comment

With skin like pale gossamer and long ebony hair, Night A is a breathtaking beauty. Her sensual beauty is stunning. From the start, as she offers one small and perfect breast to you, it is impossible to look away.

She slowly removes her gray dress, sharing a small and lithe body with you – creamy, curvy, sexual perfection. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, to every sweet, shaved spot in between, Night is a kissable and huggable delight. Don’t you wish you could just reach through the picture and touch her, just for a moment?

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Sindi B is a Red-Headed Nature Goddess

July 17, 2015 | MetArt Photos, Sindi B | Post A Comment

It is a very lucky man to get to take a walk out in nature with the stunningly beautiful Sindi B. The lovely red-head looks almost angelic in a simple white lace frock. Her sweet face clearly appreciates the natural world around her, only adding to her attractiveness. The sun shimmers in her flaming hair and her fair skin glows with health.

When she takes the dress off, her hair tumbles sweetly around her perky breasts. She knows you ache to see the rest of her sensual beauty, so she slides her panties down. Standing naked in nature, this beauty looks innocent and free, like the first woman so long ago.

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